Our lives are full of interesting encounters.
Some are positively beautiful and inspiring. . .
while others leave us confused and frustrated.

What if you could have all enriching moments
with others in your “herd”?
What if we could learn a peaceful, yet invigorating
coexistence strategy from a horse?

I have learned more about life, love and influence
from horses than from humans.
You can too.

As prey animals, horses understand that it is keen awareness,
relationship, energy and boldness that keep them alive.
At any given moment their role within the herd may change,
depending on the circumstances.
They accept their role with grace.
Horses know that their life actually depends on their ability to
‘be’ what is needed at a specific moment.

All the gurus and wise sages of the world
agree with the horse!!
…the key to a fulfilling life is to…
Be Alert, Lead with Integrity, & Collaborate with Others.

Let the horses guide you toward self-discovery through the
UnBridled Life Personal Profile.
Enjoy the journey,