Coaching Entrepreneurs

Harvesting Decades of Experience

To Offer Support and Direction to Savvy Minded Leaders


What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? What do you dream for your career? What do you believe will set you free, unbridling your skills, talents and abilities for the greater good? And equally important…who do you talk with about these most pivotal elements of your life? Few of us have in our corner someone who has only our success in mind. Margaret Couch is a seasoned and successful coach who draws from her lifetime of experiences to encourage and challenge you to reach your highest goals. However, she would tell you if you don’t hire her, find someone who is more than a mentor – someone who sees your victories as victories for all! If you believe you have greatness to offer and want to make a difference, hire a coach who has no secondary gain or loss by your next move other than to see you succeed and live an unbridled life of freedom and victory.


  • Term of engagement for coaching clients depends on client needs
  • Two hours monthly in coaching dialog, one hour increments
  • Email communication is unlimited
  • Calls focus on vision strategy and execution
  • Initial interview establishes desired outcomes for the
    ​coaching engagement
  • Contract term is based on mutual agreement of client’s set goals. Some clients prefer a longer engagement while others request a project specific timeframe~
  • Coaching fee is paid in advance for the period of the commitment
  • Additional fee includes $40.00 to complete the UnBridled Life Profile
  • Additional components and fees may apply depending on the goals established and specifics of the engagement design